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Old Western Gun Repair LLC

We build the best and most reliable Winchester 1897's in the World
There is an $85 inspection fee on all guns. If you decide to have the work done the fee is dropped or cut in half for small work orders. A Winchester 1897 has to be totally disassembled and deep cleaned for an inspection.  Most of theses guns are approaching 100 years old. prices subject to change without notice
Action Jobs:
Parts, Extras, and shipping not included in pricing
Extractor Modification for flawless shell extraction included in all action jobs.
Winchester 1897 or Copies:  $275
Plus Parts
97 Wild Bunch: $350
Custom Cartidge Stops & 6 round conversion. Plus Parts or extras
1873 rifle Action work see 1873 rifle page  
Basic Fee's:
Cleaning Fee $40
Notice: Most original Winchester 1897's are very dirty inside and must be deep cleaned before inspection, repairs, or action work can begin.
Inspection Fee $85
A Winchester 1897 has to be completely disassembled for inspection.  Most of these guns are 100+ years old. 
Marlin Lever Action: $299 
Extras for Winchester 97's or Copies
Ream and threading for Hastings True Choke: $195
Hastings Screw-in choke tubes: $40 each
Barrel length modifications $45.00
Large bead installed $25.00
Forearm Screw on Norinco's: $40

Fit recoil pad to stock $25.00

NOTE: Entire Winchester 1897 shotgun is needed for chamber or Barrel work)
Lengthen forcing cone $45.00
Ream chamber $45.00
Winchester 97 Takedown Barrels: Used, without barrel extension: $200.00-$295.00.
(Barrels are not sold as a single part. All fitting and machine work must be done in our shop.)
New barrel extension $95.00

(Not sold as a single part.)

Barrel adjusting collar $90   

(not sold as a single part)


Shorten Stock $40.00 (recommended)
Pachmayr recoil pads $35- $50 each

Barrel adjusting collar lock bar $40 , lock screw $15

(not sold as a single part)
Winchesters set up barrel to barrel extension and fit to receiver.  $250.00 (chamber & forcing cone work extra)

New wood set for 1897 $275.00

(standard or three hole forearm)

Wood repair & refinish

(priced per job)

Finishing, Welding, and Machining 

(priced per job) 

Bluing, whole gun or touch up

(priced per job)

Take Down 97: Do not attempt to remove the barrel extension from the barrel. Leave this to us, there are special tools and fixtures needed for this procedure. 
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