Old Western Gun Repair LLC

We build the best and most reliable Winchester 1897's in the World
There is an $85 inspection fee on all guns. If you decide to have the work done the fee is dropped or cut in half for small work orders. A Winchester 1897 has to be totally disassembled and deep cleaned for an inspection.  Most of theses guns are approaching 100 years old. 
Action Jobs:
Parts, Extras, and shipping not included in pricing
Extractor Modification for flawless shell extraction included in all action jobs.
Winchester 1897 or Copies:  $190
Plus Parts
97 Wild Bunch: $195
Custom Cartidge Stops & 6 round conversion. Plus Parts or extras
1873 Lever Action: $399
Marlin Lever Action: $110 
Basic Fee's:
Cleaning Fee $40
Notice: Most original Winchester 1897's are very dirty inside and must be deep cleaned before inspection, repairs, or action work can begin.
Inspection Fee $85
A Winchester 1897 has to be completely disassembled for inspection.  Most of these guns are 100+ years old. 
Extras for Winchester 97's or Copies
Ream and threading for Hastings True Choke: $130
Hastings Screw-in choke tubes: $40 each
Barrel length modifications $45.00
Large bead installed $20.00
Forearm Screw on Norinco's: $40

Fit recoil pad to stock $25.00

NOTE: Entire Winchester 1897 shotgun is needed for chamber or Barrel work)
Lengthen forcing cone $45.00
Ream chamber $45.00
Winchester 97 Takedown Barrels: Used, without barrel extension: $200.00-$295.00.
(Barrels are not sold as a single part. All fitting and machine work must be done in our shop.)
New barrel extension $95.00

(Not sold as a single part.)

Barrel adjusting collar $90   

(not sold as a single part)


Shorten Stock $35.00 (recommended)
Pachmayr recoil pads $35- $50 each
Fit recoil pad to stock $25.00

Barrel adjusting collar lock bar $40 , lock screw $15

(not sold as a single part)
Winchesters set up barrel to barrel extension and fit to receiver.  $150.00 (chamber & forcing cone work extra)

New wood set for 1897 $250.00

(standard or three hole forearm)

Wood repair & refinish

(priced per job)

Finishing, Welding, and Maching

(priced per job) 

Bluing, whole gun or touch up

(priced per job)

Take Down 97: Do not attempt to remove the barrel extension from the barrel. Leave this to us, there are special tools and fixtures needed for this procedure. 

The most fun you can have with your boots on!

2019 Dusty Bunch