Winchester 1873 Gunsmithing

Copy of the Winchester 1873 from Cimarron which is perfect for Cowboy Shooting

The Cimarron Short Rifle can be purchased in 3 different levels in either .357 or .45 Long Colt in 20" Octagonal Barrel.


LEVEL 1-New in Box with no modifications $1,250.00

LEVEL 2- Cowboy competition action job     $1,399.00

LEVEL 3- Cowboy competition action job,

Short Stroke, Big Front Sight,                        $1,599.00

Modified Rear Sight & Custom Leather

Lever Wrap and More!  

We can Improve your Shoot Times!

Shortening your lever stroke (installing the short stroke kit)

Improving Ejection

Slicking your Action

Re-timing your Carrier/Elevator

Hand Polishing the Entire Action

parts are hand fit for precise cycling

all springs are custom tuned without losing spring integrity

custom machining the brass carrier


The most fun you can have with your boots on!

2019 Dusty Bunch