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Winchester 1873 Gunsmithing

Copy of the Winchester 1873 from Taylor's which is perfect for Cowboy Shooting

The Taylor's Rifle can be purchased in 3 different levels in either .357 or .45 Long Colt in 20" Octagonal Barrel.


LEVEL 1-New in Box with no modifications $1,486.00

LEVEL 2- Cowboy competition action job     $1,686.00

LEVEL 3- Cowboy competition action job,

Short Stroke, Big Front Sight,                        $1,916.00

Modified Rear Sight & Custom Leather

Lever Wrap and More!  

We can Improve your Shoot Times!

Shortening your lever stroke (installing the short stroke kit)

Improving Ejection

Slicking your Action

Re-timing your Carrier/Elevator

Hand Polishing the Entire Action

parts are hand fit for precise cycling

all springs are custom tuned without losing spring integrity

custom machining the brass carrier

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