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GOP 2020 Event Schedule


Cowboy Trap and Skeet at Trap Range. DO NOT MISS THIS!! Every SASS shooter has a shotgun, Skeet is perfect for short barreled shotguns! Come on you Cowgirls! Round up a posse and show the men a thing or two!!!  

Sunday Jan 26th

9:00am: 4 Remaining Stages

 Fun awards program at trap range afterwards   

  Saturday Jan 25th:

7:30am:  Registration


 8:30am: Mandatory Shooter's Meeting

9:00am: Main Match Begins


6 stages: 45 minute lunch after 3rd stage



 Friday January 24th:  

8:00am: registration: AT TRAP CLUB

8:00am - 12:00pm: side matches & long range at main range.

8:00am - 12:00pm:  Long Range

9:00am: 4 Stage warm up

9:00am: Match Starts:

limited to the first 40 shooters

12:30pm:  4 Stage Wild Bunch Match Starts:

limited to the first 40 shooters

Clay Events:


10:00am - 3:00pm: Trap

12:00am - 3:00pm: Skeet


All Side Matches: $10 per event 





 Volunteers needed!
Show the cowboy spirit by jumping in and helping out at the Gathering of the Posses. There are numerous jobs that need to be done and as of now we only have a few hard working cowboys and cowgirls and we need a bunch more of you to donate your time. It is greatly needed! Call Honeydew or Squibber at 520-568-2852.

Camping and Trailor Hookup

Casa Grande Trap Club (520)-836-9926 
Full Hookup's RV Spots and camping will be at the Trap Club. You must be assigned a spot first. (DO NOT PULL IN AND SET UP)   There is no dry camping. Dusty Bunch does not own or run the Trap Club.  All over night fees will be paid to the Trap Club. Click here for more info 
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